Who We Are

What is "Tala"?

"Tala" is the meaning of "Seed" in Sanskrit.

We are the CREW to design and implement different software systems. We act as farmers and irrigate our “Plants” continuously. Using our technologies and innovative idea, those plants would become strong and bring different awesome IT experiences to everyone’s life.


Make system become friendly

This is what we do

  • Share what you would like to do & discuss our experience
  • Design the system with your thinking
  • Implement it with suitable IT technologies
  • Make it live

What We Do

We create the system



Impressive and memorable design and effect would let your company and products leave the mark in clients' mind.

Online Retail

Great UX increased your clients' interest and feel free to purchase and enjoy the services or products. With appropriate offline solution, it firmly explore different markets.

Offline Retail

Innovative technologies let your clients and audiences experience your services or products in the best way.



Customer loyalty and engagements would be a big topic on our membership system. With our online solution, customers' behaviour tells us what they think. It increase the efficiency for selling products and developing your target customer base.

Booking System

Booking System should be generic and our booking objects can be "service", "place" and "time". Booking rules can be customised and applied on our system. It helps you to do different promotional events and manage our time and faculty efficiently.

Internal System

Customising systems can fulfil what you need most. These systems assist your staffs' operation without lots of training.

Why Choose Us

More Idea for IT Solutions?

Our PM & Sales contains technical and business background. They can advise any feasible solutions and predict corresponding schedule efficiently.

More Design Options?

Appropriate UX and UI would be the key to attract different users. Providing different options can make you experience on them.

Concern Quality?

Our QA team is built to ensure all the program is working without any bugs and meet particular performance. All the bugs found in our products would be fixed without any charges.

Want to Tailor Made?

Although existing system can save cost and time, they can be better if we modify them with additional flows or technologies. We are willing to customise different solution to fulfil different needs of clients.

We get better every day thru training and hard work

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  • Live with Passion, and Addiction

    Samuel Leung
    Mobile Development Manager
  • Never Be Contented What We Are

    CK Chung
    Project Manager
  • Coding is Zen

    Simon Ng
    Frontend Development Manager
  • No Coding, No Smoking

    Marco Tse
    Backend Development Manager


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